The Paperless Workshop

Turn your files, binders, tasks, receipts & and more into a simple digital system  - so you have more FREEDOM!

3 Videos + Online Support + Fun Surprises

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A FREE week long training from August 13th-August 20th

Keep EVERYTHING you need in an easy-to-find digital place. Eliminating paper clutter is the best route for more clarity, simplicity and FREEDOM!


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Here's What You'll Learn

This workshop will teach you how to eliminate paper clutter, access your information no matter where you are and be more effective with your time.

There are 3 training videos, and I'll email you the link as each video becomes available. This training is only available for a week starting August 13th, so be sure to watch!

Video #1

Systems Simplify the Modern Age

The FIRST thing to do when starting to simplify. (Nope, it’s not what everyone says you should do!)

August 13th

Video #2

The Essential External Brain

The simple way to get all your information into something which fits in the palm of your hand - all thanks to some great digital tools.

August 17th 


Video #3

Key Secrets for Clarity, Peace & Freedom

The systems which keep you on track so you stay paper-free forever (no backsliding!)

August 20th

3 Myths about going Paperless

Myth #1

Digital information is not safe.

Digital information is actually safer than physical information! You'll learn why in this free workshop. 


Myth #2

You will never use paper again.

Going paperless is not about never using paper again. Going paperless is about having a system to move your paper through so that it doesn't pile up and become a burden. I'll teach you that system in this workshop.

Myth #3

Going paperless is expensive.

Actually, going paperless can be very cheap or even FREE! In this workshop, I will teach you how to go paperless using tools that you already have. 



Hi, I'm Barbara and this week your personal simplifying coach. 

I'm a professional organizer, a simplifier, an Evernote Certified Consultant and owner at Simplify Days. I can't wait to help you simplify and eliminate your paper clutter!

Let's do this!

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Let's face it, we all have too much "stuff!"

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The Paperless Workshop

Personalized and professional help for one full week! - 

August 13th-20th

3 Videos + Online Support + Fun Surprises

Yippee! I can't wait to see you in the workshop where you'll learn how to gain more FREEDOM through effective digital systems.

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