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Are you using digital notes? Digital notes are by far my favorite way to stay organized; however, getting started with a program like Evernote or OneNote can seem overwhelming. Digital templates are the perfect way to simplify and beautify your digital notes. 

What are digital notes?

Digital notes are more than just a digital replacement for post-it notes.

They're a place for health information, receipts, travel itineraries and much much more.

Why use digital notes?

Do you ever waste time looking for misplaced information? 

Digital notes make inputting and finding your information a cinch! You can access your information anywhere in a matter of seconds. 

How to Utilize Digital Templates

Things like: packing lists, work orders and oil changes are easily tracked and organized with templates. 

Plus, templates provide a beautiful and cohesive look within your digital notes.

"I love these templates! I’ve never really used Evernote much before, but have been using it ever since I imported these templates. What a great idea! It organized all of my paper planning and now I have an easy way to share nice looking lists with others that I am collaborating with. I also love that I can customize these templates to fit my needs. Awesome!"

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"These templates are fabulous, pretty and very useful. I find it amazing how Barbara integrates it to my favorite app, Evernote. It is great to have everything in one place."

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Digital Templates

Digital notes can be confusing, lets simplify your digital notes with beautiful, custom designed templates. 

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