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The 8 Secrets for Successfully Going & Staying Paperless!

#1 - Digital Clutter is the same as physical clutter.

Before you even think about digitizing you must purge first.

#2 - Understand your vision.

The only way to truly purge is to understand your ultimate vision.

#3 - Digital Information is safer than physical information.

Physical information exists in one location. Digital information can easily be reproduced and saved in multiple ways and in multiple locations.

#4 - Methods first. Tools second.

Tools will change. Methods are what truly shape and change us.

#5 - It’s about a workflow.

Paperless living only works when you have a successful workflow.

#6 - Less is more.

There are many wonderful tools for paperless living. However, the less you have the more successful you’ll be.

#7 - You will still use paper.

The best system is a merge of both the paper world and the digital world.

#8 - The magic inbox.

An inbox with forever eliminate paper piles on your kitchen counters, desk, nightstand and everywhere else!

Your Information Workflow

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