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Welcome! I’m Barbara and I’m thrilled to have you here.

First, I want to to ask you a question … Are you feeling overwhelmed with all of the demands of modern life? With so much constantly coming at us it can be very difficult to feel in control.

I know because was I there.

My Story

About ten years ago when my husband Drew and I first got married we did what most people do. We purchased a beautiful home and dutifully filled it with a bunch of stuff. Eventually, we noticed that we had a lot less time to do the things that we love and we commited to make a change.


We decided to move to minimize our space. We sold most of our possessions.

However, before we could move we still had one big problem.

We had boxes with books, journals, pictures, media, paperwork and more.



That’s when we decided to digitize.

Digitizing helped us get rid of boxes of stuff, and created clarity and simplicity in our lives.

We transitioned from our full office to one small desk with one small box for essential files.


With those two things in order (minimizing and digitizing), it was much easier to organize the physical things that remained.

We now have two little kiddos running around so our space is never spotless, but following some simple strategies helps keep clutter at bay.


Now, we work really hard at more closely prioritizing our goals to make sure we are working toward a life that we truly want to live.

Without a bunch of stuff distracting us, it’s easier to get a clear vision of what we want and to accomplish our dreams.




Simplifying has allowed us to focus on our top priorities. 

Learning to minimize, digitize, organize and prioritize have truly been life changing steps. They are the path to freedom. 


The SimpleGram

The four essential steps that we followed: minimize, digitize, organize & prioritize, are engrained into every part of Simplify Days. The primary focus is on digitizing, going paperless, and creating a life digitally organized.

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Here's to simplifying our days together,


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